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Electrik Home Page
This is the home page for the new warez group known as Electrik.Here you can get info before you email one of us for an app.









What we are about
This group is devoted to helping eachother in Programming and getting eachother some really cool stuff.We want to bring quality and Virii,Deltree,and PWS free uploads and quality MMs.But dont think if you fuck with us that we will not retaliate.We also are recruiting a big security division.We want uploaders more than anything.Wanna join?Wll scroll down.
Where to apply
Please send all application requests to [email protected] to anywhere else except that address and your requests will be totally ignored.Also you have to be loyal.So dont go quittin after a week.Ok thats it.Email us for an app.
Favourite Links

LaMeRz DoMaIn
This is a kickin page

Vital's Page
This is my page.I think its coming along nicely.

Email me on:
[email protected]

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